UEW’s latest project focused on the re-engineering of refrigerator door locks to enhance their efficiency and ease of installation and removal. The previous model required screws, which created challenges during installation and removal. To address this issue, UEW’s R&D team developed a snap-on system that eliminated screws, optimized through CAD software. The result is a door lock that is easier to install and remove while ensuring secure access to the refrigerator contents.

UEW’s production team then manufactured the new locks with top-notch materials to improve durability and long-lasting performance. These new locks were tested to ensure compliance with the required specifications. As a result, the project not only improved the effectiveness of the product but also provided an easy-to-install solution that is higher in quality and cost-effective.

This project showcases UEW’s commitment to innovation and our ability to deliver solutions that create value for our customers. The success of this project underscores our strength in R&D, expertise in optimizing design and manufacturing processes, and unwavering dedication to delivering high-quality and affordable products.
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